Friday, April 11, 2014

Day11: Bicycle

A word from Anne. An encounter from yesterday.

We hear screaming as we leave
the Blowfish Bar after lunch.

A teenage girl and her parents
are now laughing and hugging

and staring at a gold statue
of a woman on a bicycle

suddenly come to life. Soon
a young boy is mesmerized

as he walks by her. She starts
pedaling, his eyes widen, his mouth

hangs open. He runs to catch up with his dad.
All around people are enjoying

this spectacle. She must be hot
in her painted outfit and makeup.

Sure, she has a tip jar but, can she pull in
enough to make her antics worthwhile?

She never smiles, she never laughs,
she just keeps pretending to be a statue

then coming alive to shock. How did
she ever even think of this? I watch

for another minute but she just stares
straight ahead going nowhere, a gold

woman on a gold bike, frozen in time.
I swallow the lump in my throat, add

to her tip jar. I feel Gary's arm, warm
from the sun next to mine. We walk on.

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