Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 26: Inspiration

From Donna.....

It's only 7:15 but Gary has already opened the living room blinds
signaling he's up for the day, time to make coffee and shower.

So much for my alone time out on the golden porch. So much
for breathing the quiet dawn and inhaling its inspiration. Damn!

Now, he's tapping on the window trying to get me back inside.
I'm ignoring him. I look around at the clothespins holding gymnastics

poses on the line, the crab buoy I found floating near Cayo Costa
one day when we were out boating, our little tangerine tree

struggling to survive. Oh, now, he's got music blaring blending
with birds songs producing a cacophony of opposites. I type

on, anyway, just to see the words creep like ants across the screen
of my iPad since nothing profound is going to slip out of my fingers today.

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