Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 19: Nouns

I really wrote this one yesterday morning but just forgot to post it. Duh!

The first and simplest part of speech we learn
is also my favorite. A good old concrete thing

can make my chest constrict and my mind stir.
Like the two pineapples sitting side by side

on our outdoor bar. My daughter's pajama
bottoms with cocktails all over them. The cat

palm. Binoculars. A string of Chinese lantern lights.
A roll of paper towels. Shirts and shorts hanging

on the line. These nouns are like pearls on an add-a-pearl
necklace. I could list them until there are so many

they're covering my lap and rolling on the floor. I pick
a few up and pop them into this poem. Sneakers,

Tervis tumbler, extension cord, clock, lure, umbrella,
petunias, dock, boat, lip balm, welcome mat.

So, I'm putting the welcome mat out for nouns. Go ahead;
throw some pearls at me. I'll string them into a poem.

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