Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 10: Precious

Another one of the words my sister-in-law gave me was...

The bird of paradise is like a flame
taking a shower in the sunrise rays.

I can hear my yellow snapdragons
smiling good morning to each other.

My husband is still inside asleep
while I sit in the fifty-seven degree start

to another day. I'm wearing the fleecy
bathrobe with a giraffe design my sister,

Sally, gave me a couple years ago. I'm reminded
of the stuffed giraffe Gary bought for me

when we were in college. I kept it on my bed
and slept with it but it always ended up on the floor.

I notice my toe nails are in need of a pedicure.
Maybe I'll wait until next week when Erin and Kylie

are here and we can go together. I'm a third
of the way through this poetry marathon,

ten mornings of early rising, ten precious hours alone,
and even though I'm writing about nothing, it's everything.


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