Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 7: Hobby

My friend, Anne, sent a bunch of words in an email and this one popped out at me. Thanks, Anne!

This morning's sky
looks like the background
to one of my journal pages
with streaks of yellow-pink

and white gesso. I feel
like I should be gluing
pictures on it and writing
the date with a Sharpie.

But, my Mead Composition
book has sat open on my desk
for almost a week, now,
and I haven't added anything

to it. I hear it calling my name
every time I walk by. Once, it reached
out and just about caught my arm.
I hurried on ignoring its whimper.

That's the thing about hobbies
for me: one at a time. Right now
it's poetry that wants doing.
Other times, my fingers itch

to press the shutter button
on my Nikon D70. Last month
my journal got the love. I painted
a background black and used

a shot glass to make white circles
which I decorated and filled
with my life. Today I watch
the sun rise and write.

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