Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 16: Familiar

Today's word comes from my friend Donna.

The guest room is ready with sheets dried in fresh air
and new fluffy pillows. I've dusted and vacuumed

and made room in the closet and drawers for their clothes.
Today I'll get Kylie's box of crayons, markers, paints,

and coloring books out and arrange them on the student
desk I picked up at Funky Junkies for $25. I have it

next to my craft area so we can sit and create together.
I can't wait to see my tall, slender daughter with her long,

dark hair so reminiscent of my mom when she was young.
I have a picture of her somewhere standing at the top

of the Empire State Building, posed like a model
in a pretty dress with her hair flowing down and a smile

on her face for my dad who took the photo. I'll have a little
lump in my throat when I see my daughter and granddaughter

walk out of the airport this evening, Erin with my father's
blue eyes and Kylie with my mother's brown ones.

The past will melt into the present and I can't wait
to embrace the smiles and whispers of generations.

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Anonymous said...

These words grab me by the bypass!

Moving~touching~where it means the most!


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