Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 4: Happiness

My camping friend, Donna, gave me today's word and it was perfect!

The recycling truck just lumbered down our street
clanging at every stop. I took a picture of it.

My goal is sunrise photos this dewy morning
but I'm a little early. When I first got out here,

there were orange streaks shrieking. Then they faded
to apricot and lavender humming. Now, one spot

is beginning to glow and grow. I get up and click
and click this way and that way. I even take a picture of its

reflection in our living room window. It'll probably get deleted
but you never know. I have spots in front of my eyes

from staring into the sun. But, I'm heading back inside
because my son is here visiting. Two sunrises in one day!

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Anonymous said...

Stunning photos! Reflective words!


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