Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 25: Reflections

My cousin, Lucy, suggested Reflections. Aunt Dotty is her mother.

The sun just peeked over the ironwood trees
creating long shadows on the porch.

Fish are jumping like crazy in the canal
distorting the upside down tree reflections.

They shimmer and ripple like memories.
Yesterday, I went through old photos and found

my parents and aunts and uncles lined up
on Nonie's front stoop and I couldn't stop

looking at them. See how carefree they look?
Uncle Bob has his arm around Aunt Dee

and she in turn has hers on his. Those smiles!
Uncle George is adoring Aunt Dotty. Look how he

shines his love on her like his own sunrise. She basks
in it like she's spending a day at the beach and turns

her face to the sun, closes her eyes, and dreams.
My mom is wearing a corsage so it must be a special day.

Well, all days were special when she was with my dad.
One time, after he died, we went to Foxwoods Casino

and I remember her saying, "I'm not interested in any other man;
I loved your father so much." It wasn't the words so much

as her tone when she said it and the tears bubbling in her throat.
But, I'm thinking this is an extra special day. Maybe

someone got married. Maybe it was Easter. Maybe
my parents just got engaged. Yes, I'm going with that.

And Nonie was so happy she had to gather everyone
in their suits and smiles to save the moment forever.

It doesn't matter what happened after that, the good times
and the trying times and the normal everyday times,

just this moment near a picket fence on Champlain St.
in an old mill town, these six people were happy.

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