Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3WW: Figure, Juicy, Stress

We stopped at Juicy Lucy’s
for hamburgers
on our way to the boat.

I ate mine knowing I was adding
to my figure.
It’s so hard to say no.

So, I just go along
even when I don’t want to,
even when it causes me stress.

I could have ordered a salad.
I should have. Next time I will.
Really. The ketchup squeezes

out and the meat dances
with my tongue. Jimmy Buffett
sings on the radio,

the sun tiptoes across the ocean,
the boat bobs, waiting.
My husband grins

and I grin back then reach over
and wipe away a speck
of mustard from his smile.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3WW: Abrasive, Handful, Loss

Abrasive meeting after school
Late to get home
Husband follows right after
Loss of me time

What for supper?
Something quick
Old stand-by
Cream of mushroom soup

with tuna on toast
We sit in the warming house
eating on TV trays
Remember leaner years

Usually broke
always happy
Kids chatting about their day
Teasing, laughing,

whining, glowing
We're alone now
Husband glances over
Says, “I love you”

Smiles, goes back to eating
mushrooms and tuna
and a handful
of memories.
Linda's Poems