Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 3: Priorities

My friend, Anita, suggested this one.


I'm sitting on the porch this morning.
The sun is behind a tall palm tree
creating a fountain silhouette
against the white sugar candy sky.

A fish jumps for breakfast in the canal.
A circle spreads. My flowers soak up the light.
I should have made coffee and started the bacon sizzling.
I could have taken my shower first.

But, here I am in my nightie being blinded by the sun.
I close my eyes and the world goes red. A dog barks.
Traffic hums its early morning tune. Birds fill in the symphony.
There's nothing very much different about this moment;

our shoes are piled haphazardly near the door.
Our cranberry, mango, lime, and lemon bar stools
are in their places. I reach over and snip a basil leaf,
hold it to my nose, smell it's peppery spice.

(My father-in-law is still hanging in there) No, that worry
is for later. A slight breeze is picking up, ruffling our American flag.
Why can't life be endless morning?
I tap, tap, tap on my keyboard before doing anything else.

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