Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 24: Fog

from Mother Nature....

I thought, for just a second
when I looked out the window,
that it was snow. See, my mind

is still in New Hampshire mode
even though we haven't been
there for three winters, now.

And, I have to admit the little
kid who lives in my chest
did a tiny pirouette. Then I

walked out onto the porch
in my nightie, something
this January girl couldn't

do up north if it really had
snowed. Still, I look out
at the grayness remembering

my evening walks around
the avenues with flakes falling
on my head and footprints

following me. I do walk at night
down here but it's just so darn
flat. Anyhooo, (that old dove

is whoooing away, again) here
I sit watching the palm trees
unmisting, swatting a fly away,

trying to turn fog and snow
into a poem that means something
but not having much luck.

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