Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 27: Blank 3

Blank 3

I stare at the top of my iPad screen at the title
for this document. Well, I haven't named it yet
so the program automatically calls it Blank 3.

I must have two other blanks in here somewhere.
Not bad since I have so many blanks in my brain.
Above the title is the time: 7:52 AM.

On the left it tells me I am connected to Verizon
with three dots and I have two bars on my wifi.
The other side says I'm 98% charged. Very true.

I woke up at 100% but the day is beginning to sap me
already. I was pretty much at zero when I went to bed
last night after helping a friend shop at Walmart

for several hours. She's furnishing their new home
and needed so many everyday items. I was fine
then, maybe down to 70% or so, but come evening

and a couple glasses of wine my battery depleted
very quickly. Sleep is a great recharger. So, here
I sit for the twenty-seventh morning with plenty

of energy, fully charged, the sun warm on my shoulder,
and blanks rattling around in my head. Time to give
up, make coffee, and spend some time with the husband.

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