Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 6: Condensation

Today's word is brought to you by my teenage niece, Michelle. Not an easy word! It took a while but I finally came up with something.

I apply a liberal handful of Pantene conditioner
to my hair and let it get absorbed
while I wash the rest of my body.

Suds fly onto the wall so I throw handfuls
of water to rinse it down, then let the shower
sluice through my curls until squeaky.

I step on the plush rug and look at my reflection
in the cloudy mirror. My wrinkles are a blur.
My head a white halo. I could be my mom

with her snowy head. The bathroom is an oasis
of misty softness. I could be my daughter
so young. I hide in its timelessness

and don't bother to wipe the mirror. I like
almost disappearing from myself. I dry off
in the friendliness of condensation.

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