Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 20: Happy Easter

There's an Easter basket sitting outside the front door
and Erin hid eggs with treats inside all around the yard.

We're sitting on the porch waiting for Kylie to get up.
Well, okay, it's not actually a basket because Walmart

was out of them. We had to settle for a bucket, instead.
She'll be pleased with the contents, though: a charm bracelet,

The Nut Job video, a Play Station game of The Hobbit,
candy and a few other little trinkets. When Gary and I

we're talking about what we were going to put in the eggs,
I said probably candy and he said, "Well, make sure

it's the kind I like." He'll be happy with the Snickers.
We're going boating to Rum Bay restaurant today

for their Easter buffet with Sally, Mike, and Michelle.
It's a bit cool right now for that but is supposed

to warm up nicely once the clouds clear. The canal
is calm. Erin and I are still waiting for our two sleepy

heads to wake up. She just made coffee so I'm heading
in to get myself a cup with my usual Bailey's in it.

Then I'll come back out here to visit with my daughter
in the sweet quiet of an Easter morning.

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