Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 17: Moonrise

From Anne.......

We went to the Tiki Bar on Charlotte Harbor
to watch the sun set a couple evenings ago.

It was kind of pretty and I snapped away
like a little kid with a first camera on Christmas

morning. After the show was over, we got back
into our 1973 VW Thing with just a vinyl bikini top

and, there, staring us in the face was the moon.
Gary stopped the car so I could get a decent picture

but, I had more fun clicking as we drove. Trees blurred,
buildings blocked, Gary's big head got in the way.

Street lights vied for my attention. A Marathon station
smiled. Traffic signals blinked. Can you hear

that old moon cackling at me as we played hide
and seek? Just two aging kids tootling along

route 41 in our yellow convertible with the wind in our hair,
the night air on our faces, and the moon in our eyes.

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