Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 8: Miracles

My camper friend, Dayle, sent me three words and Miracles reminded me of this teensy miracle that felt huge.

Imagine I've thrown a handful
of sparkly, gold confetti stars all over
your computer. They catch

the light and twinkle in your eyes.
Let them transport you to January
29, 2014. It's been a blah day,

cool, spitty rain, husband puttering on his cars,
father-in-law napping in his La Z Boy.
It's your sixty-fifth birthday.

Finally, in the evening, your phone rings
and out of that small oblong miracle
you hear the clear notes of Kylie's voice.

"Happy Birthday, Grammy." "Thanks. How are you?"
"Good" "How's school going?" "Good....Oh," Sadly,
"Guess what?" "What? Did you fail something?"

She giggles, "No!" A pause, she lowers her voice,
and says in an embarrassed tone, "Well, I did get
a A- on one paper." I can't help laughing.

I am becoming those glimmering stars. "What
I wanted to tell you is that I'm the only girl
in my class, now, and I hate it." "Well, that's

too bad." "Yeah, and Cameron's still picking
his nose and eating it." She continues spreading
shimmer with the magic wand of her words.

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