Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 1: Peaceful

Well, I'm going to try to write a poem a day for April because it's National Poetry Month. I asked for friends on Facebook to give me words and got quite a few good suggestions. I'm using them in the order they were given. The first came from my friend, Deirdre.

The fan above our bed twirls. My husband snores lightly beside me.
I just slept for ten hours straight with only one bathroom break.

The sun has quieted down after a riotous rise.
I can see its white light around the shade.

Later, we have to go to the hospital to see Gary's father
who is not doing well. He's seeking his own peace

and just wants to sleep. His heart doesn't have too many beats
left. But, he's comfortable. He smiled and mumbled,

Hi, Linda when I saw him yesterday. That might have been his
goodbye. Gary is stirring. Soon, he'll turn the radio on

and music will fill our rooms. We'll fight the traffic. Avert
our eyes from all the patients lining the busy corridors.

Find Bob and watch him breathe slowly. He creates his own
bubble of peacefulness wherever he is. Just like I do

when I sit in bed with my iPad and write a poem in the stillness.

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