Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 2: Change

Today's word is from my daughter, Erin.

I'm sitting under a quilt my sister made.
It has thousands of one-inch squares
in red, white, yellow and green.

Morning is filling the house with possibilities.
I've sat like this writing so many times
catching inspiration in the slant of light,

in the quiet, in the gentle rocking of my chair.
I remember my mom always asking us not to rock
because it made her feel nauseous. But, we

never got rid of the black rocking chair
in our living room. Whenever I sat in it,
I had to keep my feet flat on the floor.

Mom is gone, now, and that chair, too.
Still, I got to see her, again, for a little bit
this morning in the smile of a rocking chair.

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