Saturday, February 16, 2008

Time Travel

Writers’ Island February 16, 2008
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Time Travel

Woke up in my waterbed
after twirling to 45 records
at my friend’s house all night.
Bobby Darin floated
in my head as I
made breakfast
and drove to school.

Started first block
with Silent Reading
and was transported
to the Soviet invasion
of Afghanistan
in A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Traveled to Denmark
by having my students
act out The Nunnery
Scene in Hamlet.

Then it was off
to Cyprus to watch
Iago manipulate

Returned in time
for lunch duty
where I went back
to last weekend
to visit with Kylie
when we made a book
and filled it
with stickers
and art work.

On the way home
I saw a car
with a Florida license
plate that took me back
to Christmas 1988.
Nathan was fourteen
and Erin was eleven
and we spent the holiday
at Sea World.

Sat down to blog
and clicked ahead
to India to read
Gautami’s poem,
Hopped backwards to England
to catch up with Jo.
Jumped up to Scotland
to see Crafty Green Poet
then returned to the US
for Tumble’s words
and to ask Why Paisley?
then turned the clock back
three hours to Mike
on the west coast.

Received a letter
from a friend that
flipped the calendar
back several days.

Ate supper at Monk’s
with Jerry, Elaine,
Kramer, and George
in New York City.

Back in my waterbed
I pull my pillow
up around my head
like a taco shell.
Maybe I’ll visit
Mexico tonight.


paisley said...

girl that was so clever.. and what an all encompassing use of the prompt...i mean it describes every single one of us doesn't it??? i totally love it,, and not just cuz i am in there!!!!!

keith hillman said...

Such a clever and a totally unique take on the prompt. I'm really glad I dropped in

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent, very clever and entertaining (and thanks for the mention!)

Just Jen said...

how smart is that! It sounds a like a day around here! we even like the same blogs...:D

Scot said...

liked the style and the easiness of it..:)

Just Jen said...

I just wanted to drop by and laugh...I visited the island to check out the blogs and seen what happened to you! I have to laugh because that happened to me the first few times I signed up too! frustrating, eh? LOL

gautami tripathy said...

Linda, that is so good. You truly travelled through time. And we simply loved your visits. You are ever so welcome!

Cricket's Hearth said...

I am relatively new to the blogging world and I have most enjoyed getting to know people from all over the world. This post expresses beautifully explains how blogging is a form of time travel. I do enjoy your comments to my offerings. I would love to have you use my post for one of your classes. It is a true story, and no I do not have it copywrited, but after the comments I have received on several of my posts, I am looking into all the wherefor's and whereas's. Until the copywrite is complete, I will be honored to give you written permission to use my post for your class. Please email me. And thank you, you made my day!

thinking aloud said...

clever, clever that was so really did travel through time didn't do come to singapore to read mine...:)

Preethi said...

clever .. very clever take... loved it!!

Here is my take - I live On...

Steve said...

I enjoyed the ride.
Please, take me around again.......

Anonymous said...

So cool, and true. It is time travel skipping from blog to blog.

Jo said...

WOOHOO, great poem, loved it, and thank you, me never been in a poem before, well not by name!

UL said...

hey Linda, that's fun, blog hopping is the fast time travel one might come across huh? Very nice and clever. Thank you.

Jeques said...

Everything we see are indeed time machines that could carry us somewhere, to some time, to our memories. How powerful all these simple things carrying our thoughts re-living some moments we stored in our hearts.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Rambler said...

excellant use of the prompt Linda..

LittleWing said...

you make web travelin sound so easy... wow...

Jesse said...

That was really awesome! I totally love the idea. Would it be alright if I borrowed it for a project I have to do for school? if you want more information on the project :)

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