Sunday, February 24, 2008


For Sunday Scribblings
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Passion in Parentheses

the list of worksheets to be completed,
grades to be recorded,
papers to correct
is written on a purple sticky note
taped to my computer

before starting them
I put Simko’s newest CD,
A Study of Dreams, on
and my school room

I’m floating on a feather of wind
and skimming the mountains
in a glider

snowflakes kiss my face
as I swish down a slope

the ocean has a voice
and it’s whispering
through these songs

I’m at Ferry Beach
watching the sun rise
inch by inch
it tiptoes
across the waves
and seeps into me
turning my blood
to music
and my brain to fire

I’m back at camp
Gary’s fingers play
melodies on my thighs

we sigh and sigh
in the purple night…
Oh, yeah, that purple list!


Cricket's Hearth said...

Ahh, yes, our passions can make even the most ordinary of tasks extraordinary.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, Linda, that's fantastic! I had my own classrooms when I was in grad school and I SO know that feeling of looking at something that needs to be graded and needing the escape. You've captured it really well.

Anonymous said...

Great poem, the ending was funny when you remembered your to-do list. Feel free to post any of your poems on my website. It would be an honor. Peace

keith hillman said...

Really good! It's something I often do myself.

paisley said...

you even day dream full circle... this was perfect... ever so carried away....

UL said...

wonderfully put Linda.. this is lovely.

Jo said...

Oh how you've caught the way minds work (well the way my mind does at any rate). Great poem, Linda!

tumblewords said...

Great! Pulled me right along with you - even though I can't find my purple list! Great!

gautami tripathy said...

I hate marking papers! I truly do!

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