Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Punch T-shirt Unravel

For 3ww February 20, 2008
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gina slunk
into the classroom
late again,
balancing a cup
of coffee and a bagel
on top of her books.

Her head
was partially shaved
and her hair was blue.
Piercings adorned
her eyebrows, nose,
and lips.
Her T-shirt was tied
above her midriff
and the sleeves
were rolled up
showcasing the art-
work inked
into her skin.
Even her legs
were covered
with tattoos.

I let her tardiness
slide since I knew
that she was living
alone and working
almost full time.
She’d written an essay
about how she didn’t
get along with her parents,
how her life was unraveling
now that they’d kicked her out.

I noticed a new tattoo:
Japanese calligraphy
and asked her
what it stood for.
Black eyes
punched me
in the heart.
“Family” she replied.


Corina said...

Your last line packed a punch!

Very well done!

myrtle beached whale said...

wow. great use of the words. very powerful piece.

paisley said...

"... you don't know what you got till its gone......"

and it isn't them,, her exact family she wants it is the loving acceptance,, the sense of belonging,, that we all want,, and some of us never find... i wish her well......

Leigh Lear said...

wow, that is very moving, i like the emotion.

Anonymous said...

That part with the "punch" punches us, too... it's not what was expected. Great!


tumblewords said...

Wow! Vivid and treacherous. Must be a common situation for these youngsters. Grabs at my heart. Well done!

Whitesnake said...

Read all of the above and insert here


TC said...

Oh my.

I started out hating her, and ending up feeling very sorry for her.

Jo said...

wow, very powerful, Linda. Great.

Laane said...

I can see her.

You can paint with words.

pia said...

Great use of school. Wonderful, sad but hopeful, ending

Anonymous said...

Hi, was wondering if I could post any of your poems on my website. It would be an honor. Let me know. Peace.

Jane Doe said...

You have such wonderful poems here, but I particularly like this one. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant poem that showcases vulnerability and compassion.



Bone said...

Ooo, that last line just smacks you right in the heart.

Well done.

UL said...

oh that is hurting....when reality is exposed in such a manner..

Scot said...

this is becoming or is more the rule than the exception. As a principal, I teach a poetry class to usually a group just like her--it becomes a way for them to keep their balance..
good stuff here!

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