Sunday, February 3, 2008


Sunday Scribblings February 3, 2008
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“Take the ball
to the basket
and draw a foul.”

It’s the last seconds
of the game;
our team is behind
by one point.

The coach repeats
this and repeats
it. A mantra.
Advice, I’m always
getting advice.

I hear my dad’s voice
telling me to “tromp”
on the gas
to get the lead out.

And my mom
telling me
to never say,
“I’m hot”
when with a guy
or he might get
the wrong message.

The buzzer sounds.
The crowd cheers.
The ball is in-bounded
to me. 4 seconds.

I pivot
around an opponent.
3 seconds.
Dribble. Step on the gas.
2 seconds.
A jungle of hands and arms.
Aim. Shoot.
1 second.
No basket.

I can feel
the sweat
trickle over
my forehead.
First shot

I breathe upward,
try to cool my face.
Release the ball.

No time
for the other team
to score again.

Coach high-fives me
and says, “You were
so hot tonight.”


paisley said...

moms... they can be so victorian....

gautami tripathy said...

I ws in my school basket ball team. You took me back there to those days. 23+ years back.


GreenishLady said...

I chose to skip that prompt this week, but am so glad I stopped by to read this. You are indeed HOT! (in the nicest possible way!)

Redness said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Well done, when you're hot you're hot!

Lilibeth said...

Although I never played basketball, I've watched enough to feel the tension of the "free throw" moment. I liked the poem. In fact, I had to keep scrolling down and reading more of them. They are jewels. First, however, I stumbled into the Othello pages and wondered, "How could it be that this lady has time to read other blogs?"

Herb Urban said...

Your poems captures the excitement and tension of the final few seconds of a game nicely. Nothing but net.

tumblewords said...

For sure, the excitement and drama of the last few minutes! Nice post1

myrtle beached whale said...

So according to your mom, your coach is a pedophile. Good post.

keith hillman said...

terrific piece. Well paced and very visual

susan said...

Hi Linda,

I can see this but I don't feel it. It reads more like reporting. I'm not reading anything in the word choices or images that elevates this. Maybe something other than free verse would lend rhythm here. Or am I missing a form and device here? Just thinking aloud.

I do enjoy what you do.

Steve said...

Certianly different

Robin said...

When you're hot, you're hot.

PS I went to the other blog first by mistake. Boy was I confused... LOL

UL said...

I loved that last line....wonder what went through her mind... :)

anthonynorth said...

You mix basketball with life so perfectly :-)

LittleWing said...

great post... swish... you're hot...

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