Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 8 National Poetry Month 2015

Peacock, hula-hoop, frying pan. from Tuts


We are walking through the frying pan
that is the Nature Preserve at the Shell
factory in North Fort Myers, Florida.

It's way too hot to be here but Kylie
loves animals so here we are.  Everything
is kind of dowdy but the creatures

seem healthy enough.  I follow a peacock
around hoping he'll fan his tail feathers
so I can get a picture of the colorful

design but he refuses to cooperate.  There
are birds all over the place.  Kylie tries
communing with one and puts her finger

out for him to perch on but he bites her.
She's done with the birds after that.  We
continue walking in the wilting air.

The dinosaur park seems safe since
nothing is alive but nothing is very interesting
either.  We walk on passing goats

and more goats until we get to the camel
rides.  Finally, something to do.  Erin and Ky
wait in line then climb up onto the hump.

I click photos.  The camel tender leads them
around the pen.  I can see them swatting
flies away and hear Kylie say it stinks.

Once around and they've had enough.
We continue our meandering then find
a restaurant.  When we walk in, the cold

air hits us, we order drinks, and begin to revive,
chuckling over this sad excuse of an amusement
park that was as much fun as a broken hula hoop.

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