Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 11 National Poetry Month 2011

grass, bird, book from Leah


This is my third attempt at a poem
this morning.  The first one was just
whining about the fact that my husband

was out here on the porch with me.
I'll spare you that rant.  The second
was about the new veggie V8 juices

I've been trying and liking very much.
Now, there's an exciting topic.  Are
you asleep yet?  So, here I sit

in a flurry of bird songs falling all
around me like snow flakes.  Okay,
not really but it sounds good, right?

Sometimes, ideas for poems are
as plentiful as blades of grass in our lawn
and other times, like this lovely

Saturday morning, I can't even find
one.   I switch seats hoping a different
perspective will help.  I go in to make

coffee.  I listen to the fish jumping
in the canal and don't even try to come
up with a metaphor.  Now, Gary's back

telling me he's done with his shower
but what he's really saying is Hurry
up and take your shower and get dressed

before Mike gets here.  He's an open
book and not a mystery, either.  There
I go, again, trying to be poetic.  Gary

and Mike are going to a car auction.
I declined.  Maybe after they leave, I'll be
able to write.  Right now?  Shower time!

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