Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 16 National Poetry Month 2015

Whoopie pies, doughnuts & chocolate chip cookies from Tim....

I walk into Dena's Bakery in downtown Punta Gorda
hoping they'll have old-fashioned doughnuts.

You know the kind with just a hint of nutmeg, no sugar
coating, a crunchy outside and soft middle.  They

are impossible to find down here in Florida.  Dena's
is more like a cafe with tables and just a small

assortment of whoopie pies and chocolate chip cookies,
those staples of bakeries all across the United States.

But, no doughnuts.  Kelly's Pastry Shop on Main Street
in Berlin had the best ones.  Every morning on his way

to his logging job, Gary would stop in for a sweet.  If he
was lucky, they'd have macaroons.  If not, he'd buy two

plain doughnuts, one for him and one for Annie, our dog
who always went to work with him.  She loved them.

One morning, the shop was closed so Gary had to backtrack
to Dunkin' Donuts.  He bought the two donuts but when he

tried to give hers to Annie, she turned her head and refused
to even nibble it.  Gary ate his, of course, all the while wondering

exactly what he was consuming.  Back in Dena's, the kind owner
suggests I check Publix or Winn Dixie but we already have

to no avail.  And, so our quest for good doughnuts continues.
I drive by Dunkin' Donuts but don't even bother going in.

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