Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 23 National Poetry Month 2015

Sparks, Suburban, Vacation from Alissa

Gary's going to Sun 'N' Fun today.
He'll be gone overnight so that means
a vacation for me.  Not that our life

isn't a permanent vacation now that
we're retired.  But, it will be nice
to be alone for a change.  He's like

a Suburban filled with noisy teenagers
on their way to a ski meet with music
blasting and equipment everywhere.

The minute he gets up, he turns the radio
on in the bathroom to shower.  Then he
walks into the living room to grab the remote

and tune the TV to The Morning Express
with Robin Meade on CNN to hear the news.
But it's not enough just to listen.  No.  He

has to make comments about everything.
I'm trying to listen to her and him and make
breakfast and write a poem and check my email

and he's blabbering away.  But, today, after
he leaves, I'll turn everything off, I'll bask
in solitude, I'll swim through my day in quiet

underwater buoyancy. Shhhhh.  And, then, I'll
get bored and even enjoy that for a bit until
I remember that cars need spark plugs to run.

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