Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 19 National Poetry Month 2015

a moment that made a difference in your life...from Sally (opening, lingering, song)

I'm sitting here marveling at two simple words:
yes and no and what lingering effects they have

and how sometimes we don't even know we're
making a decision that will change our lives.

Sleep was a dreamless song, a waltz, soft
and undulating.  I was swaying back and forth

in it's gauzy, foggy embrace that morning in1967
three days after Christmas when the phone rang.

I was in no state of mind to make an important
decision, nor did I even know it was momentous.

I cleared my throat a few times so the caller
wouldn't know I'd just awoken then picked up

the receiver.  My mom's voice from the bank she worked
at trilled into my ear.  "Lee's going skiing.  Do you

want to go?  He'll pick you up in twenty minutes."
Lee was her coworker's son.  I loved to ski.  I said

yes and that tiny word was the opening to the rest
of my life.  I got ready.  Lee arrived.  And, also sitting

in the front seat was a blonde guy I'd never met,
who, on our second date, asked me to marry him.

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