Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 13 National Poetry Month 2015

book, candle, sweater from Dar

How to Write a Book of Poetry

I pull a length of green yarn
     out of the skein,
wrap it around the needle
     then pull it through

to make a stitch.  I'm knitting
     a sweater for a 4-H
project that will be judged
     at the Lancaster Fair.

I tried being a Girl Scout, well
     a Brownie, really,
but it wasn't a good fit for me.
     It couldn't hold a candle

to the fun we have in 4-H
     where my aunt
and her friend are the leaders
     and my cousins

are members, too.  There is no
     door-to-door selling
in this group.  No embarrassing
     "No's" from annoyed

customers, just meetings where
     we learn to cook
(no-boil chocolate and peanut butter
     fudge rolled and sliced.

Yum!), crochet, sew, play games,
     laugh, lose, get along,
and, knit like I'm doing, now, in that
     past and this present.
My sweater has a cable design
     twisting up the middle.
I have to transfer five stitches
     to another needle,

continue with the row, then insert
     those saved ones
further along to create the braided
     design.  I hear the others

chatting and chuckling but I concentrate
     so I don't make a mistake.
I'd hate to have to unravel my hard work.
     The needles click.  I weave

one pearl stitch after another,
     preparing me for
the poems I'll knit with memories
     when I get older.

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