Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 15 National Poetry Month 2015

horse, breeze, friend from Dale
Did You Ever Do Anything Stupid?

The parking meter wiggles
     as we feed our coins into its
          slit of a mouth so, when we return

to the car after shopping, we,
     the six of us friends, having no
          idea how the breeze of this idea

entered our heads, pull it out
     of the soft ground and slide it into
          the back of Donna's station wagon.

We cover it with a blanket to
     disguise it as we drive through
          town.  It looks like a corpse lying

there, still and quiet.  We giggle
     all the way back to the motel where
          we work as chambermaids for the summer.

Of course, we have no idea what
     to do with it.  We can hear coins
          jingling inside but don't know how

to get them out and don't really
      want to since we are not thieves.
          We hide it in a closet off the kitchen

and there it stays for a month
     until it becomes a secret almost
          alive.  We can hear it breathing in

there, growing.  It whinnies like
     a horse in its stall waiting to be
          fed, waiting to be released, waiting.

Then, on a moonless night we
     carry that heavy thing out to the
          car and drive to the back of a dark

cemetery where we dump it
     and leave it next to someone's
          grave.  We hold our breath as we

rush out of that scary place, turn
     onto the road, crank up the radio,
          and sing along in strong, sure voices.

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