Thursday, April 9, 2009

NaPoWriMo day 9: Paradise


I’m sitting in the woods
sketching a burl.
I feel the breeze
on my neck soft

like my husband’s hand
as we fell asleep
in Hawaii
with the sound
of waves rushing
onto the sand
and the wind,
that had come
all the way from China,
puffing the curtains
and brushing
butterfly kisses
on our faces.

This is paradise,
being alone in the woods.

When it’s time to leave
I walk back out
through coins
of sunlight,
picking them up
and putting them
in my pocket.


JGC said...

This is fabulous. I really like this part:

"When it’s time to leave
I walk back out
through coins
of sunlight,
picking them up
and putting them
in my pocket."

The image is so vivid.

Elizabeth said...

Such lovely, tender images. I can imagine myself there. I also like the bit about the coins of sunlight - perfect.

Gavin said...

Very nice. I love the "coins of sunlight."

one more believer said...

hawaii... indeed is a wonderful, beautiful place... and the best part you gave us... those coins of sunlight and possessing them for a paradise post... thank you linda...

Tamra said...

I like the shift from sketching in the first stanza to the memory in the second stanza. And the last stanza--wow--coins of sunlight!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the last stanza, what a delightful image...

desert rat said...

Beautiful - the last stanza is particularly lovely. My paradise poem ended up with beaches and forests in it too. Both good places to feel at peace, to be alone with your thoughts (or with someone you love).

Erin Davis said...

What beautiful images, and I love how you compare the breeze to your husband's hand in a poem about solitude.

Giggles said... someone a Leonard Cohen fan "that had come
all the way from China,"? Personally I think you could be paralleled with him!! "I walk back out
through coins
of sunlight,"\
Do you sing and write music too??
I am a huge fan, now my kids are going to his concert in Vancouver on Sunday!!

Hugs Giggles

Anonymous said...

An evocative poem -'the wind...all the way from China,/puffing the curtains/and brushing/butterfly kisses/on our faces' and those 'coins of sunlight'.

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