Friday, April 17, 2009

NaPoWriMo Day 17: Missing

Vitamin Sea Deficiency

The ocean
is locked in a box
in the back corner
of my brain.

I can barely see
the tiny waves
rolling over themselves

or the glints
of sun sparkling
like fireflies,
ephemeral & brief.

Soon, soon, the screen
of the ocean
will be as large
as a drive-in

and I’ll be sitting
in the audience
with my eyes
full of sea.


swiss said...

day 17's poem was so utterly cheerless for me that this was just what i needed. i grew up on an island and that first stanza is exactly how i feel about the sea. genuine thanks winging their way to where ever you're at!

rob kistner said...

I really like the juxtaposition of the tiny box and the giant outdoor screen. It gave great power to the realization of the object of your longing...


Anonymous said...

Oh! What a beautiful depiction of the ocean. You have made me miss the water today LOL. GREAT job!

jimmmaaa said...

Linda, Very nice poem.

desert rat said...

I just loved that. So perfectly captured. Makes me long for the sea.

Bsquared86 said...

vivid images and well written! thank you for sharing!

Liz at Yips and Howls said...

This is for very moving for me. I also have the same longing for the sea (mixed with longings for mountains, deserts, canyons, etc).

Anonymous said...

That title is just about the best thing I've heard in a very long time!! And the poem makes me want to jump in a car and drive...all the way to that screen.

Erin Davis said...

Oh, Linda. I love this! Such longing...

Gavin said...

Very lovely, I never thought of carrying it with me!

Christy said...

Loved 'with my eyes full of sea"!
Wonderfully written!

i've always been drawn to the sea.Enjoyed this much!

Anonymous said...

I love the images you've used here and the title is spot on.

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