Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NaPoWriMo Day 21: Rite of Passage

Erin sat on the washing machine
I took the toilet seat, camera in hand
Gary stood next to Nathan
who was in front of the sink.

I can still see how gingerly
Nay spread the shaving cream
on his face, tapping it into place
creating peaks and valleys

Then came the razor with a new blade
and I held my breath
as he scraped those beautiful baby cheeks
that I had kissed and kissed and kissed

Later, I wiped away the foam
from the sink and washed
the stray hairs of my son’s childhood
down the drain.


gautami tripathy said...

They sure grow up fast, don't they?

Your love for him shows through..

Anonymous said...

This is an important day for the boys. My sons were a big backward in this respect.

Wayne Pitchko said...

good one....hey i still cut myself

Claire said...

Such a poignant ending, Linda!

Liz at Yips and Howls said...

I especially love the last line. My son never wanted help with any of that, but he never had much facial hair either. It's funny to see him at 21 trying to grow a beard and moustache with a few scattered hairs.

Jeeves said...

Good one

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