Saturday, April 4, 2009

Celebrate for Sunday Scribblings

I’m celebrating Saturday,
melting snow,
my husband going
to the IGA with me,
not having a cold anymore,
the smell of warm clothes
just out of the dryer,
listening to a show
featuring music by The Doors,
(“Come on baby light my fire”)
keeping up with NaPoWriMo,
(This is actually my second poem today!)
no rain,
a letter from a friend,
ham, green pepper, and cheese omelet,
cutting a lilac branch
and putting it in water to force,
Planters Cocktail Peanuts with sea salt,
a cocktail,
a good book,


anthonynorth said...

A lot to celebrate there. Enjoyed that.

Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

sounds good :) the most wonderful things come from the small everyday things! learning to celebrate the "Extra" in extraordinary!
well done

linda may said...

Life's simple pleasures. A really good thing to concentrate on and celebrate.

Just someone said...

Wow! 2 today:) great going! isn't NaPoWriMo fun?

You are an awesome writer!

p.s.when I saw the prompt, the first thing that came to mind was 'celebrate today' and coincidentally I clicked and arrived here:)...

Lucy said...

just love how you are celebrating Life.. we all should each and every day Linda!
good job!

christine said...

A whole journal entry in one poem. It made me feel cozy.Good for you, two in one day!

A said...

I liked it. Laid back, relaxed narration.
Thanks for visiting :)

Nana said...

Ham, green pepper & chesse omelet... How did I forget to add that one in my celebrations?
:) I love it. I go to 'Iga' too, a fellow Canadian?

Jay said...

It's the little things in life that bring the greatest pleasure and satisfaction, when you add them all up, isn't it?

I love your list. :)

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Sounds like a nice way to celebrate!

GreenishLady said...

All worth celebrating, Linda! Such grounded subjects to celebrate. I love it!

Claire HM said...

Ah ~ the simple pleasures in life!

latree said...

and all the readers!

gautami tripathy said...

I say, go for it!


Tumblewords: said...

A perfect celebration!

Granny Smith said...

A celebration of wonderful everyday delights. I want a bite of that omelet!

keiths ramblings said...

I did NaPoWriMo last year and at the end of April I said 'never again'! Really enjoyed your celebration.

rosey said...

I'm with you on all of these except for my husband going with me - I don't have one! Right now I'm joining you in a cocktail and hand full of nuts. Cheers!

Devil Mood said...

Wa-hey :)
Two poems, go you!
It's all in the little things, as they say.

Jennifer Hicks said...

so so so so so much to celebrate!

Tammy said...

A day in your life poem, great idea. What a nice day.

floreta said...

i love your slice of life poems! they're very interesting.

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