Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NaPoWriMo Day 29 and 3WW: Opportunity-Service-Quarrel

Just Another Slap in the Face

I got home late
fatigue dripping
from my shoulders
like a backpack
slipping to the floor.

I leave it on a hook
in the closet
along with my jacket,

so happy to forget
about the quarrel
I’d had with my fourth-
block kids.

I’d taken them outside
for Journal Writing,
the weather summer nice.

But several of them
decided to take advantage
of the opportunity
to stay out, enjoy the sun,
after I said it was time
to head back inside.

They tiptoed
into the classroom
late, eyes big,
knowing they were
in trouble,

knowing they’d
let me down,
knowing I’d never trust
them again.

Finally, I was home,
time to relax,
write a poem,
and check the mail
for a letter.

But what was in there?
A bill from
Public Service of NH.


ThomG said...

You've shown that life happens - and it can be poetic. Yum!

Tumblewords: said...

Great image - fatigue dripping...
Nice work and a good twist at the end!

floreta said...

i really enjoy your story poems :)

Kristy Worden said...

liked fatigue dripping/backpack nice...

anthonynorth said...

More great words - and turning life into poetry is what it's all about.

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

A fatigue dripping slap, perhaps!
Love the sound of 'fatigue dripping'

Witchmojo said...

Like everyone else, love the idea of sloughing off your day like a backpack and hanging it out of sight. Very original use of the words this week.

Angel said...

Nice gritty bit of reality.

susan said...

Great opening image and line.

I love how you spin an ordinary day into something poetic.

Lucy said...

love it when u take us into your world like this.
teaching sounds very exhausting! :)

LadyGarfield said...

I so enjoyed reading this, esp. the way you treat 'fatigue'. Lovely.

mia said...

excellent elevated journal entry-
very good visual: the day's cares
shrugged off like a back pack.

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