Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NaPoWriMo Day 14: Car

I started one about the old Rambler once before but it didn't go anywhere so I decided to redo it for this prompt.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The old Rambler
my boyfriend had
was unique:
the front seat
reclined to meet
the back seat
resulting in a queen-
open space.

It was great
for going
to the drive-in.
We’d sit way
in the back
with a quilt
over us.

And parking?
All our friends
were jealous.

So, I have
no idea
how footprints
got on the ceiling.
And when his mom
asked him
about them,
he made up
some story
about having
to hunt
for something
under the seat.

But, his red face,
as red as the Rambler,
gave it away.

His parents sold
it soon afterwards,
replacing it
with a Volkswagen


jimmmaaa said...

That's funny!

Erin Davis said...

I am still laughing! From a rambler to a bug...
My movie poem had a similar theme. :0)

Elizabeth said...

I love it: a bug replaces the rambler. I wrote my poem about a yellow bug, though not about what I did inside it.

Anonymous said...


And where were the footprints in the bug, I wonder...

Kimberly said...

Very amusing. lol.

Jeeves said...

Hahaaha. Well, really nice read.

Phil Thrift said...
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Phil Thrift said...

Rumbles in the rambler.

Some things moms should never ask!

Anonymous said...

Is a Voltswagen bug what we in the U.K. call a beetle? A small car as opposed to the camper van?

This was great fun. I especially enjoyed the rhymes and half rhymes in the first verse.

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