Friday, November 28, 2008

A Winter's Tale for Sunday Scribblings

In June, I’ll froth out
in lavender cones

but, now, I’m at rest
watching the snow

inch up on my boughs.
See my black branches

silhouetted against
the blue eye of the sky.

I’m covered with a layer
of shiny ice

just biding my time,
knowing this deep freeze

is necessary for rebirth.
I remember when Linda

was on a sailing vacation
in Florida one January

and the sail boat got grounded
near a beautiful garden.

The kind owner invited
her in and Linda marveled

over the winter blossoms.
The owner replied,

“Oh, but you have lilacs.”
I am the spring of winter.


Lilly said...

I love the line "I'm the spring of winter". What a wonderful poem.

Rinkly Rimes said...

'Oh but you have lilacs'.

What an evocative phrase! I love Australia, but there's nothing like a cold-climate Spring. Here I pretend the jacaranda blossoms are 'elevated bluebells' (an idea for a poem I think).

Lucy said...

ooh i also just love Im in the spring of winter
just beautiful linda!

Stan Ski said...

Each season has it's natural wonders. I love the sight of a snow-covered landscape.

rob kistner said...

Wonderful piece Linda... ;)


Giggles said...

As always Linda...beautiful. I just love winter!

Hugs Giggles

anthonynorth said...

A beautiful poem. A respite against the cold.

BJ Roan said...

This poem could, almost, make me like winter. Excellent!

Doe said...

this "deep freeze" is indeed
necessary for rebirth.

Lilibeth said...

Oh but we have ice flowers in the winter too...and no grass to mow...still, I wait for my lilacs every year. This was a great poem.

linda may said...

Lovely poem Linda. I especially love that winter is necessary for springs rebirth and when I can watch all that rebirth happening.

tumblewords said...

Terrific! I enjoyed the way you personified the lilacs and ratified the winter. Beautiful work...

Marja said...

Very lovely I absolutely loved the line I am the spring of winter

present said...

You beautifully describe the winter wait. A true image of the winter world patiently biding it's time for rebirth. I love "froth out in lavendar cones".

Whitesnake said...

beautitfully written.....Oh and what is this stuff they call snow?

Alisa said...

That last line was priceless! The idea of spring in winter...what a beautiful concept!

Tammy said...

Your poetry feels like spring in my winter. Always visual, new and lovely.

Anonymous said...

This is so nice and the final part is just inspired. Lovely.

sister AE said...

I just love
“Oh, but you have lilacs.”

a different view of winter, indeed.

Mary said...

Wow! Well written. Just beautiful.

*~sis~* said...

love that line too "oh, but you have lilacs" :)

Beth said...

Linda, I love this poem! Maybe there are two poems here, one from the point of view of the lilac itself? That last line is so evocative, it sings and sings.

KB said...

I'm really enjoying your poetry. I'll be back for more.

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