Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stranger for Sunday Scribblings

I heard about this law in Nebraska designed to offer a safe place for newborns to be dropped off by parents who can't or don't want to take care of them. Unfortunately, the lawmakers didn't put an age limit on it and people from all over the U.S. have been dropping their older kids off.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Safe Haven

Mom, no, don’t
leave me here!

Wait, turn around,
stop walking

out the door.
I know I’ve been

a brat and uncontrollable.
I’m sorry I hit you,

ignored you,

But you can’t leave
me here in Nebraska.

You’re getting smaller,
you’re pushing

the door handle.
The wind whooshes

bringing in the scent
of abandonment;

it swirls around me,
isolating me

in a capsule of hate.
You’re just a shadow,

now, behind the glass
that reflects me

standing alone, mute,
screaming your name

in my mind. A stranger
takes me away.


anthonynorth said...

A powerful, disturbing piece.

~*sis*~ said...

how horrible for a parent to become the stranger to the child....very stirring words!

B. Roan said...

This is one of those poems that makes you think. As a parent, I can't imagine a problem that would make me leave my child to strangers.

"Sunshine" said...

Very emotional piece. I'm glad you gave us some background on the scenario, as well.

AmbiguityLotus said...

Powerful, disturbing, yet such a sad piece. Almost made me cry. Why would people do this to kids? :(

I really like how you incorporated social laws and regulations (this is even political) to write a poem like this! I need more practice on this! You've inspired me. :)

And thank you so much for visiting my poetry page.

Tanya said...

A piece that begs for reflection. Thanks for making me think.

Lucy said...

this one really got to me Lyn.
I can't imagine ever getting to this place, but I bet there are so many parents who don't know what else to do. My heart breaks not only for the kid but the parent that feels this much despair.
excellent post Linda.
thanks for your very nice comment today

Anonymous said...

This is such a difficult subject. Your piece is so moving.

Lilly said...

I agree with b.roan. It makes you reflect on what is wrong with this world.

Stan Ski said...

It can't be for the good of anyone - and to put it into law!

Devil Mood said...

Wow, is this for real? How utterly awful. :(
I'm glad you decided to write about it though, it's very well written.

if said...

very strange!

SmallWorld at Home said...

"The wind whooshes bringing in the scent
of abandonment;"

Beautiful, haunting line. Such a powerful and sad piece.

myrtle beached whale said...

Very emotional and disturbing.

anno said...

This perfectly captures the cold desolation of abandonment; compelling, if hard, reading.

teach said...

I, too, was disturbed about children being left on the "steps" in Nebraska and how laws seemingly there to protect our young sometimes have horrible consequences in the end. Your poetry strikes a chord with me every time I read your lines. Lately, sunday scribblings haven't stuck with me, however, possibly, this one on strangers has a story hidden somewhere. until next time....teach.

Granny Smith said...

Vivid and disturbing. I can't understand parents who do such things.

tumblewords said...

Well written. Heartbreaking piece, for sure. I've read about this and wonder how people can just 'give up' and become strangers to their own. Tragic stories.

totomai said...

this kind of reality is heartbreaking. the parents are eventually stranger to their child. tsk tsk

Tammy said...

A powerful voice here Linda.

"bringing in the scent
of abandonment;
it swirls around me,
isolating me
in a capsule of hate."

Long lasting emotion. Great job!

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

That is very sad , I cant believe how anyone would have the heart to abandon his/her child . . Very well written . .

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Wow, Linda. The power here... and the instant regret of the child/teen. I think we've become so conditioned to thinking of kids as being cold and hard, incapable of this sort of remorse.

Nicely done. You've given us much, much to think about.

missalister said...

Whoa! This is a powerhouse. "...the scent of abandonment..." Primo!

Regina said...

When society begins to throw away it's very breath of hope and rebirth, what are we to do?
Pray hard and reclaim and love back into our being that which we unknowingly let slip away......

thank you for stirring my heart again dear friend

latree said...

this reminds me of a song by richard marx, hazard.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Hi Linda, Well documented! I don't know of any law like that in the UK but I did overhear one woman threaten her child with the words 'Why don't you go and play football on the Motorway?'

Rambler said...

very powerful

mspennylane said...

This is so sad, and haunting at the end. I agree with so many of the other comments about how disturbing and thought-provoking it is, but you said it really well.

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