Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scandalous for Sunday Scribblings

Just a light-hearted memory that I'm sure was scandalous to my parents.
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You Hear a Siren

And your heart flip-flops.
You’re going 115 mph
in a Chevy Impala
with your boyfriend.
You’re going parking
after a school dance.

Your best friends
are in the car behind you
and that’s why you are flying.
Put two guys together
in their parents’ cars
and they just have to race.

You’re sitting up close
next to your boyfriend
and you don’t bother to move
over when he slows to a stop
and the cop swaggers
up to the window.

What the hell. You’re in trouble

And thus began the ending
of that relationship:
with a siren
and an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Takes me back! Highly original take and I love it.

B. Roan said...

I knew a guy like that. Great post. BJ

danni said...

what a very neat piece --- amazing how the parents always tried to own the behaviours years ago, and so bore the consequences, too, as if their own - how bizarre was that???

gautami tripathy said...

Great take! Loved it.

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

And that was Scandalous! in those days.

Stan Ski said...

Bad reputations; often the result of an overworked will to impress.

linda may said...

Sounds to me like they were lucky they were caught out. There are so many horrible conclusions for teens to a night like that.

anno said...

Times change, guys don't. Not really. I loved this poem, and those closing lines are just perfect.

anthonynorth said...

The silliness of youth. Eternal, I think.
Nicely described, though.

paisley said...

oh that was great.. so fast paced and then a dull thud in the ending..... loved it!!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hmm. Makes me wonder which of the three is the idiot...

I think we've all been in this situation, to some degree. The nostalgia here is incredibly wonderful.

Jennifer Hicks said... the scandal over?
great post...

Gamol Gabere said...

Yes Yes it's true. Back seat of a Chevy Impala and a girl named Mary Lou(no lie) My best friend owned the car and it was my job to hide the open booze and hand out the juicy fruit. Mary Lou was the most amazing French Kisser...I wasn't driving but I was an I'm just an ass.

Lucy said...

I was so afraid it was going to be an accident. glad it was a ticket!
nice piece!
thanks for your comment.

Mad Kane said...

Love it!

Lilly said...

Nice one!

Tammy said...

The mom in me was wanting you to put your seatbelt on. LOL

Marcia said...

oh Linda, brought back memories of being young and not exactly brilliant.

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