Friday, November 28, 2008

Kyrielle for TOP

A kyrielle is a poem in which a refrain is repeated at the end of each stanza. Some kyrielles rhyme and some are written in a certain rhythm. Mine isn't.
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For Those Kids Too Lazy to Get Their Butts out of Bed in the Morning

The black flowers of cancer
blossomed twice in her brain:
chemo, radiation, baldness.
But still in school every day.

Imagine being sixteen
and wearing a colostomy bag:
weight loss, nausea, embarrassment.
But still in school every day.

Born with Marfan’s Syndrome
distorted muscles, a weak heart:
difficulty breathing, walking, learning.
But still in school every day.

Bone cancer like a wildfire
eating her up from the inside:
operations, treatments, hopelessness.
But still in school every day.

Blessed with tree trunks of health,
with every reason to enjoy life:
strong and sturdy and smart.
But still you skip school many days.


Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Wow! Love the way you brought in the twist at the end - it's so true, so many of us take things for granted and don't really appreciate just what we've got.

paisley said...

very well done linda.

it is impossible to see thru the eyes of those that in much the same way could never see thru our eyes... vision.. i believe it is all about ones vision.... or the lack there of..

tumblewords said...

That's one powerful piece! Well done...

Giggles said...

Wow this poem speaks volumes. Brilliant conclusion!

Stan Ski said...

Great contrast between the attitudes of those who are sick, and those who just play 'sick'.

Greyscale Territory said...

Love how the poem eases the reader along into a comfortable rocking rhythm, and then, the last stanza seems to be halting, like a hiccup!


anthonynorth said...

Impressive - especially the way you turned it at the end.

Sylvia K said...

Very powerful words and such a great reminder of what many of us take for granted. And as paisley said, it does have to do with vision or the lack of one.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Glad to learn about kyrielle. An eye opener for the lazy ones it is.

photowannabe said...

Masterfully woven together and so full of meaning and a message to all of us.
I think you are the Letter " K " winner this time!!

Roger Owen Green said...

my daughter's five; she's just learning to read. Maybe I'll store away your poem for a few years...

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