Saturday, November 29, 2008

for Writer's Island: Fireflies

- - - - - - - - - - - -

winking against
the blackboard
of night

in the jar
of our minds

We are kids
with flashlights
hunting for

We are teenagers
on a blanket
under pine trees
(wink) (wink)

We are parents
watching fireworks
on the fourth of July,
holding hands
as the kids twirl
their sparklers

We are middle aged
parking in a corn field,
where one of us
loses his wallet.
The stars (wink) at us
and blush.

And, now, at almost 60
we unscrew the cap
and watch the fireflies
dance to the evening song
of our memories.


paisley said...

the west coast of california is not blessed with the presence of fireflies... maybe that is why the vision here seems so without magic...

this was a wonderful transcendence nto childhood for me.. and beyond....

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Love the memories, Linda!

Cricket said...

fireflies - yes this definitely brought back memories

Whitesnake said...

memories are sometimes all we have that's why we always try to catch a rainbow.

totomai said...

this is really a treat. i mean, like a chronological presentation of events and having fireflies as the link.

lovely post

*~sis~* said...

great memories and images :)

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Love the images this evokes.


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Anonymous said...

wow !!! wat an imagination ...

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