Monday, November 10, 2008

Poetry Train: The Fire of a Poem

The Fire in Your Belly

To light the fire
of a poem,
begin with paper.
I prefer white lined
but plain will do, too.

Then you’ll need
a pen or pencil. My
instrument of choice
is a yellow Bic mechanical
pencil. I twist it
to bring the lead up
just right.

Now that you have
your kindling, you’ll
need something to light
it with. That’s where
your ideas come in handy.
Rub a couple against
each other and watch
the sparks shoot up.

The more thoughts you
throw on it, the higher
the fire. Grab a beer
or a glass of wine, pull
a chair up close
and let the heat
of your words
warm you.


Anonymous said...

That is very nice. Especially rubbing two ideas together. Creativity is in the fusion.

lissa said...

I like the ending, and those mechanical pencils, though I write with a black bic pen now

Julia Smith said...

I love your opening stanza. Just a wonderful poem!

Richard said...

I really like your honest, no frills style. It's refreshing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

love those first 3 lines! and i love the last stanza too.

gautami tripathy said...

I relate so well with it! Your poetry is so concrete!

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