Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 9 NaPoWriMo and 3WW

funny remember theater
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It started with the gigantic crash
of a chandelier. Jeweled light
reflecting everywhere
and music filling every space.

My friend, her mom,
and I were at the Wang Theater
in Boston viewing
Phantom of the Opera.
The costumes were great
and the acting impeccable.

But what I remember most
is my friend’s mom
singing out loud
to all the songs.

Heads swiveled,
eyes became daggers,
throats were cleared.

But she kept right on singing,
her face a happy moon
her head tilting from
one side to the other.

It wasn’t a funny play
but I could feel a little
volcano trying to erupt
in my chest.

I covered my mouth
to hide my smile,
coughed to disguise
the sound of laughter
bursting from my throat,
and had to run
to the restroom
and use toilet paper
to wipe the tears
from my cheeks.

After the intermission
and a stern reprimand
from her daughter,
she toned it down
to just a low humming.

That’s all I remember
about my trip to the big city
and a real stage production:
a crash,
unbridled joy,
and laughter.


pia said...

Did she really sing? That's hysterical

Sherry/Cherie said...

Oh how delightful this is...I can feel that laughter bubbling up inside, ready to explode!! I think I had that mother!!

pjd said...

What a fun poem. I'm laughing and wiping the tears away right along with you, yet also giving the stern lecture along with the friend. Love the head tilting back and forth. Really a fun read.

Leigh Lear said...

ahh how mothers embarass their daughrers.:)

paisley said...

good for her... enjoy it as you will... stuffed shirts beware!!! and what about the chandelier ... did it fall from the ceiling or what???

christine said...

Wow, she sounds like she was a bit wacky, to say the least. Your description of the laughter was great! A fun poem.

tumblewords said...

Oh, how funny! Love this and you wrote it in perfect pacing!

anthonynorth said...

The embarrassment of elders!
Hated it when a kid. Do it all the time to mine, now :-)

TC said...

Oh I so hope this is non-fiction!! :-D

watermid said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I would so love to see 'The Phantom of the Opera' on stage. My favourite lines...'face like a happy moon/her head tilting...'

gautami tripathy said...

Seems like my mom!


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