Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 6 and Sunday Scribblings


My mom bought an old
commode at an auction
many years ago.

She spent hours sanding
and refinishing it
to a warm honey glow.

Today it holds a tiny city
of photographs: an equestrian,
a waitress, a pilot, a manager,
two moms, and a pickle-eater.

These are the grands
and the great, the skyline
of the future.


Granny Smith said...

What a wonderful photo! I clicked to enlarge it so that I could see the great and the grands arrayed across its top. And with that description of them, her tiny city is truly the skyline of the future!

paisley said...

what an interesting piece of furniture .. i am quite sure i know what it is... but have never seen one... i am going to have to google it and see what i can find out....

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