Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 12 and Sunday Scribblings

Writing on the weekends is hard for me. I relax and my thoughts get lazy. I'm considering this a rough draft since the ending really needs work. But, it's all I can manage right now.
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He’ll fly off a mountain
in a hang glider,
catch an updraft,
melt into the sky.

He’ll do hammerheads,
Immelmans, Cuban eights,
spins, and loops
in an open-cockpit
Stearman biplane,

turning the world
upside down,
blue earth
green sky.

He’ll tap dance
over waves
in his fishing boat
and pull 500 pound

tuna from the ocean
as easily as lifting a tire
out of the back
of his pickup.

But ask him to climb
a ladder to shovel
the snow off the roof
or paint a dormer window

and his feet become
bricks unable to move,
his heart a scared mouse
shivering in his chest.


gautami tripathy said...

Actually the ending works. I know someone exactly like that!

shapely ghosts

paisley said...

oh this is a hoot... haven't had a man about the house for quite some time... but i could see him plain as day!!!!!!

just so you know my sites are all screwed up.. out of the blue i became unable to connect to my own sites... and after a day of trying to PROVE i couldn't connect.. they are rerouting me thru a different server.. hope to be back in action by tonight... but you never know!!!!

Jo said...

Very good again, Linda, I really like your voice.....and ain't this the sorry truth.

susan said...

Hilarious! Love the vivid imagery, movement both in my mind's eye and the emotions as well as the scenes. I like the closing. Fitting that it is so grounded and therefore cements the irony of your guy.

tumblewords said...

Too clever - I recognize so much of it - still chuckling...

bluebethley said...

Really nice contrast of images sharply defined and the twist at the end. I also like the layout of the poem, the energy builds, yet the implications are left for the reader. I also sympathize with the challenge of writing a poem every day. But Perseverance furthers! Look how many lovely poems you have!

UL said...

brilliant.. this was just brilliant Linda.

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