Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ABC Wednesday: Z

It Begins with Z

I can’t resist
a dare.

It’s 1962
and I’m thirteen
at 4-H camp
in Allenstown, NH.

Competition night.
Another girl
from my hometown
challenges anyone

to say the alphabet
backwards. No one
can do it so she wins.

Fast forward one year.
The same girl
offers the same

I’ve been practicing
all year and am ready,

My turn to win.
The other girl
sulks back to her seat.


Anonymous said...

Nice... very natural and true!!
Hi, am here for the first time but I guess I will be here for a while..:)
Keep writing..:)

Jeeves said...

Nice one...

Anonymous said...

i loved this !!

Mara said...

Wow, I've never even tried to do it. I might be able to, but only very very very slowly. Good on you to get one over on her!

Mara said...

PS: welcome to ABC Wednesday by the way

Jay said...

Aaah, so satisfying! ;)

tiger said...


I LOVE YOU said...


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