Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3WW: Darkness, Patronize, Weaken

The last couple weeks
have been a darkness

watching my mom
weaken day by day.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going
to Florida to care

for her for a week.
That’s twice in the last

few days that I had to patronize
Direct Air for plane tickets.

The first time was for her
and the nice girl behind

the counter upgraded her
to first class and let me

go through security
to stay with her

until boarding time.
The second was for me.

So, poetry has been
far from my mind.

I miss it. So, right now
I’m going to take

my computer outside
and sit on the porch

and read what everyone
else has written.


pia said...

I love the way this is written. Don't envy you. I think we truly become adult when we face the loss of a parent--especially a mommy--and I loved my father much.

While poetry might be far from your mind, I found blogging to be the best thing for my head.

On a much lighter note--we just got Direct Air and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

ThomG said...

I can relate, Linda. Mom's gone and dad has terminal cancer. There will be a time where I will go and take care of him. This was just so nicely written and I know what weight gets put on the soul. Write on, it does help.

anthonynorth said...

My best wishes are with you. I lost both my parents, and witnessed the decline of my mother. You find the strength.

Bobbie said...

(((HUGS))) Poetry may be far from your mind, but you expressed all you are going through so well with this. Sending you best wishes during this hard time. ♥

Just someone said...

Sending you best wishes... and courage to handle everything in this hard time.

Take care

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, Linda - I send my best to you - and to your mother -

Jeeves said...

Please take care.

April Lindfors said...

Best wishes during these tough times for you. When you've got a feeling, and you write it - form doesn't even matter. The feeling is the poetry. Keep writing and take care.

pjd said...

Warm wishes and thoughts sent your way. As for the verse--sometimes the best poetry is the simplest, most honest, most straightforward. There is no way that anyone who has gone through something like this could fail to identify with it. I hope you don't just read but you also try to take some time to write some more.

Stan Ski said...

My thoughts are with you and your Mom.

gautami tripathy said...

This strikes a chord, Linda...

patronising darkness weakens me

Missy said...

Illness surely can rob us of the simplest of joys, even if we aren't the one suffering. By association you bare the illness as well.

So glad you were able to take a few minutes for yourself. It's important to steal those moments when you can.

Lucy said...

sending positive thoughts for you and your mom to gain the strength you both need.
My mom is in Fl. and this brought to mind how frightened I am for her to become ill.
She is living alone and just turned 80.
My heart really goes out to you Linda.
hang in there. xox

Beth said...

How clearly your poem reveals the struggle and the commitment. These ordinary details show such courage and strength. We all face these issues, yet somehow sharing words helps. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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