Monday, April 5, 2010

NaPoWriMo #5: Personify Poetry


The bitch has black hair
straight and oily.

She snaps her gum
and wears tight jeans,

cropped tops, and a thong
that shows in the back.

Her hips are a metronome
swaying back and forth.

She points her finger
at me and beckons.

I know we’re going
someplace smoky

and dim with men there
who want only one thing.

But I follow, anyway,
follow those rhythmic

hips into that dark place.
I sit at a stool next to her.

She smiles, offers me a butt,
and I know I am home.


Only Footprints said...

Whoo! Racy! I can see that girl perfectly. Good one! (marie)

Greg O'Connell Poet in Schools said...

See what happens when you let your thoughts Wanda. LOL. My fifth is 'Were we a poem' at =)

flaubert said...

Quite the racy and seedy imagery you have set here.

Terri Light said...

Yes, she must be a coupla barstools down from my Louise. Love it!

one more believer said...

oh linda that was so cool... isn't this the best of writing days!! happy day 5 i can relate to what you sed about who is she and where did this come from file and forget

Катя said...

Love the hips as metronome.

Erin Davis said...


Rallentanda said...

Well! This is really very good...hmmm

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