Saturday, April 17, 2010

NaPoWriMo #17: The Elements

I’m the one
with a sense
of humor.

I don’t rage
like fire
with a hot tongue

nor am I stoic
like the patient

and I don’t have
sun’s steadfast

No, I like to play.
A couple days
ago I had fun

with Linda. She
needed cheering up
after visiting

an assisted-living
facility for her mom.
She and her brother

were sitting on the porch
having a beer
and a glass of wine

reading all 30 plus
pages of the contract
when I slipped

around the corner
of the house
and blew a puff

of fresh levity
their way. It lifted
those heavy papers

and twirled them around.
Linda reached to control
them and spilled her merlot

all over every singe one
of those white sheets
and her legs

and her chair. I
chortled at this
unexpected bonus

sashayed around
then moved on
knowng my work was done.


Derrick said...

Oh dear, Linda! He must have been wearing his mischievous cloak that day! Some things need a little levity.

Rallentanda said...

Oh, this is hard...even with the levity it's something we all have to face.Courage mon vieux

Anonymous said...

I really like this, especially 'a puff of fresh levity'. I like your interpretation of the prompt.

flaubert said...

Wonderful take on the prompt.

Anonymous said...

I imagine it must have been doubly frustrating that day, but it's good that you inverted it and looked at things from the other point of view. This is totally different from the poems I've read so far for the prompt, bonus points for uniqueness. :)

Stan Ski said...

A nice comic interlude to ease the anguish slightly.

Anonymous said...

Awesome :) Next time it's breezy; grab a jarful and glue the lid down. That'll teach him!

Short Poems said...

I really like the way you write :)

marinela x x

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