Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monday poetry Train: Celebration


“Grammy, can you sing
me a song”? says Kylie
as we snuggle in bed.

So I sing “On the Good
Ship Lollipop” again
and again. “Now, your

turn.” I tell her. She
sings a dinosaur song
she learned in preschool.

Then she asks for a story
so I make up one about
Bad Penelope who likes

to pinch. She’s still not
sleepy so we play
Guess the Letter.

I “write” a letter on her
back and she tries to
figure out what it is

in between giggles.
Then she writes on
on mine. Back and

forth we go, laughing.
After that we just lie
there talking. Her voice

gets quieter and quieter.
She whispers, “I love you,
Grammy.” “I love you, too.”


ªi☥ said...

What a beautiful piece, nicely written, definitely a new favorite!

Stan Ski said...

Whatever kind of day you've had, kids make it all worth while.

Julia Smith said...

Love the easy intimacy of the bedtime ritual. Your poem captures all of those little moments.

Andy Sewina said...

Wonderful! they grow up so fast, glad you captured this for your memory bank!!

gautami tripathy said...

Great moments you too shared!

a blow

short poems said...

Wonderful poem, nicely written :)

hugs marinela x x

iself said...

So nice and real...

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