Friday, April 2, 2010

NaPoWriMo #2: RWP=Regular White Paper

On Tuesday
Katelyn came into class
almost crying.

She shook her head
when I asked
if she had her homework

then said, “I got
beat up last night.”
Since we do journal

writing on Tuesdays,
she took a piece
of regular white paper

out and started
writing. I could see
the black anger

scrawling across the page
like stitches
from a cut.


Erin Davis said...

This is really powerful, Linda. The last two stanzas gave me chills.

one more believer said...

hi linda, love the flow of this one... great response to day 2... especially so those last few lines bringin it home... ahhh, i am remembering school, and sometimes it was not so fun.... monster moves

Shari Smothers said...

Hi Linda:
This is a great poem. It has a good flow to the end, where I caught my breath!

Claire HM said...

Yes, chilling. Good work!

estherpoyer said...

Like that last line.. poetic and strong.

survivorscribe said...

I could see/the black anger/srawling across the page/like stitches/from a cut.

These are gorgeous lines. I keep reading them over and over again. Great use of regular white paper.

Stan Ski said...

You can feel the rage in this.
I did THIS

T. A. Smith said...

I really enjoy how your teaching informs your poetry. This is great. Happy to see another NaPoWriMo participant. It's my first time giving it a go. Thank you for what you've shared here.

Yousei Hime

Leonard Blumfeld said...

A story that rings thoroughly true, & what power in the ending!

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